Street Food Fight; Rocco and Chodorow Are Cool


The influx of street-food vendors has led to a rise in turf wars, with the trendy newcomers facing off with more established carts and trucks. [NYT]

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to citizens: Lay off the vodka. [Reuters]

France's value-added tax on restaurant meals falls today to 5.5 percent from 19.6 percent. [NYT]

As it turns out, Ferran Adri has no plans whatsoever to open a pizza joint. [Gourmet]
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Jeffrey Chodorow and Rocco DiSpirito seem to have resolved their 1994 feud. The two were spotted amicably chatting in the Hamptons. [Hangin' in the Hamptons/Newsday]

Beer cocktails are cropping up on drink menus nationwide. [NYT]

Artisanal honeys and blood-orangeflavored products were among the top trends at this year's Fancy Food Show. [NYT]

Developers nationwide are adding organic farms to their lots to attract home buyers. [NYT]

Hill Country will open a D.C. location next summer. [GogBlog/WP via Feedbag]

Canadian-caught seal has been banned in the E.U., but many European tourists still dine on it when visiting Canada. [NYT]

The University Place Dean & DeLuca, recently shuttered by the DOH, is gone for good. [Eater]

This year's corn planting is the second largest since 1946. [NYT]