Sushi Baron Creates Sustainable Tuna; Whole Foods Definitely Not Opening in Gowanus


Sushi baron Hagen Stehr has figured out how to breed sustainable bluefin tuna. [Bloomberg]

Whole Foods has officially shelved its plans to open its first Brooklyn store and will sell its land in Gowanus. [Brooklyn Paper]

Thirteen New York City Dunkin' Donuts will become branches of Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons. [NRN]

Reports of Ama's closing turn out to have been false the restaurant is merely on vacation and will reopen in a few days. [Eater]
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Bitters are the hot new cocktail ingredient, popping up on menus everywhere from Rye to Macao Trading Co. [Metromix]

Burger King's new ad in Spain, which features a burger set in front of an image of the goddess Lakshmi and the text "A snack that is sacred," has drawn criticism from Hindus. [ABC7 via Ad Age]

A new congressional report raises concerns about the safety of bottled water. [Reuters]