Today in Trucks: Schnitzel & Things Is Chased Off, Mobile Moroccan Revs Up


Oh, those food trucks. Today started well for the Schnitzel & Things truck (Serious Eats penned a rave), but when we noticed a tweet saying it was parking in front of Heartland Brewery, we somehow sensed it was in over its head. Indeed, about an hour later came this: Cops are telling us to move.. Complaints from no 31 restaurant!! Not cool!! Saying its against the law to Vend in front of restaurant. By no 31 restaurant we assume they mean Blue Water Grill at 31 Union Square West, but theres no way to know. In fact could this be just a publicity stunt?

At this point, every food truck knows that all they need to do to score some surefire publicity is to lose their parking space (its tougher for restaurants they need to collapse or burn to the ground). In fact, if Schnitzel & Things really wants to drum up press, it should park in front of the new schnitzel place thats due to replace the shuttered City Burger (Wha? Is schnitzel becoming a trend?) And, of course, when the Moroccan-Mediterranean Bistro Truck (thats right, yet another truck!) launches later this month, it might want to park outside of Gitane?