Danny Meyer Names New Gramercy Park Hotel Restaurant — After Himself

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Photo: Patrick McMullan

One of the falls most anticipated openings has just been christened. Danny Meyers evocation of a Roman trattoria, to open in November at the Gramercy Park Hotel, will be called Maialino, which means little pig. And it means a little something more personal to Meyer, who once spent time working as a tour guide for his fathers company in Rome, where his Italian co-workers took to calling the bosss son Meyerino, as in little Meyer. As obsessed with food then as he is now, Meyer had a favorite pork dish, the maialino, which he couldnt get enough of at the local trattorias. Soon, Meyerino got a new, even better, nickname yes, Maialino that reflected his appetite rather than his heritage and lasted throughout his tour of duty. Finally, many years and restaurants (and, presumably, pork dishes) later, he gets a chance to revive it.