Fall Preview: Where and What to Eat


Fall is the season for new restaurants and not even a dismal economy can keep them down. While we're especially excited for Coppa and Trina's Starlite Lounge, they aren't the only things to look forward to, not by a long stretch. From Transatlantic Provenal spot Bistro Du Midi to Regal Beagle, which will bring cocktails to Coolidge Corner, there are a ton of new places to eat and drink as we transition into sweater weather. Below, our list of the season's biggest deals.

Restaurant: Olecito (Two locations: Brookline and Kenmore)
Address: 6 Cypress St (Brookline); 700 Commonwealth Ave (Kenmore)
Concept: Taqueria
Why We're Excited: Erwin Ramos' wildly popular taqueria is expanding exponentially.
Anticipated Opening Date: September 1 (Kenmore); September 15 (Brookline)

Restaurant: Regal Beagle
Address: 308 Harvard St, Coolidge Corner
Concept: Neighborhood gastropub
Why We're Excited: It's owned by Kristian Deyesso and Chris Tocchio, who've done a great job with Fenway live music venue Church. We can't wait for Coolidge Corner to finally offer decent cocktails.
Anticipated Opening Date: September 15

Restaurant: Lord Hobo
Address: 92 Hampshire St, Inman Square
Concept: Beer bar with comfort food
Why We're Excited: Owner Daniel Lanigan's Western Mass beer bars are excellent and the selection at Lord Hobo could top even that at nearby Bukowski's.
Anticipated Opening Date: Late September

Restaurant: Red Mango
Address: 334 Massachusetts Ave, Boston
Concept: Fro-Yo
Why We're Excited: Though there have been imitators for a few years, this is the first major fro-yo chain to hit Boston.
Anticipated Opening Date: Early October

Restaurant: Curly Cupcakes
Address: 81 Charles St, Beacon Hill
Concept: Cupcakes
Why We're Excited: Todd English turns his attention to sweets, in a project he's working on with his sixteen year-old daughter Isabelle. It's Beacon Hill's first foray into the cupcake trend and it looks like they'll be offering delivery.
Anticipated Opening Date: October 20

Restaurant: Market by Jean-Georges
Address: 100 Stuart St, Boston
Concept: Signature Jean-Georges: French techniques, Asian flavors
Why We're Excited: This is Vongerichten's first incursion into Boston. Todd English, Ming Tsai, you're not the only celebrity chefs with a Hub presence anymore.
Anticipated Opening Date: October 22

Restaurant: The Living Room
Address: 100 Stuart St, Boston
Concept: Lounge-y hotel bar
Why We're Excited: The battle between this new The Living Room and The Living Room that already exists on Atlantic Avenue promises to be epic.
Anticipated Opening Date: October 22

Restaurant: Post 390
Address: 406 Stuart St, Boston
Concept: An upscale tavern serving refined American classics.
Why We're Excited: Former Excelsior chef Eric Brennan is at the top of his game and he's opening Boston's only new fine dining restaurant this fall.
Anticipated Opening Date: Late October

Restaurant: Bistro du Midi
Address: 272 Boylston St, Boston
Concept: Provenal bistro
Why We're Excited: The restaurant is a collaboration between Himmel Hospitality Group, the folks behind Grill 23 & Bar, and London-based MARC, which operates New York's well-regarded A Voce. The Boston restaurant will spawn a London twin next spring.
Anticipated Opening Date: Late October

Restaurant: Woodward
Address: 1 Court St, Boston
Concept: Seasonal dishes for sharing, with a focus on regional foods.
Why We're Excited: The classics-based cocktail program sounds great and owner Seth Greenberg and chef Mark Goldberg have done excellent work at Mistral.
Anticipated Opening Date: November 5

Restaurant: Berry Freeze
Address: 273 Harvard St, Brookline
Concept: Fro-yo
Why We're Excited: This is Brookline's first major foray into the fro-yo world. The cost will be by the pound!
Anticipated Opening Date: Fall

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