Hummus Place Opens in Morningside Heights, Hoomoos Asli Reopens in Nolita

The new Hoomoos Asli. Photo: Emily Wilson

If youve been stuck on hummus ever since Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite praised Mimis Hummus, take note: Hummus Place has opened a new location at 2608 Broadway, between 98th and 99th Streets (212-222-1554). Owner Ori Apple tells us hes also hoping to open an Upper East Side location this winter.

Deeper inside Hoomoos Asli.Photo: Emily Wilson

Meanwhile, decade-old Nolita veteran Hoomoos Asli has finished its renovations, and has reopened with new tiling and a fresher look (think Mediterranean spots like Nanoosh). The kitchen has also been renovated, and though at the moment the menu is more or less the same as the old one, in a couple of weeks there will also be an Israeli bruschetta (pita with za'atar, hummus, spicy tomato, and olive oil) as well as an Asli Grill Combo that will be a jazzed-up version of the Drizzle Mix (spiced lamb, beef, and chicken with sauted onions). There will also be a full bar if the liquor license comes through. Who knows, maybe they'll even serve mojitos like Hummus Places West Village location.