Owners of Spitzer’s Corner Set to Soft-Open Los Feliz This Friday

Photo: Bowery Boogie

While Bia Garden waits to install its beer-and-wine license (theyll open any day now, as soon as they have the physical document in hand), Bowery Boogie notices that Los Feliz, the nearby taqueria from the Spitzers Corner team, has shed its plywood, and discovers that it will soft-open for drinks this Friday, with the kitchen opening for tacos next week and a full menu being served the week after. No doubt about it: This one is going to be huge with the weekend warriors who currently flood into Spitzers like its the Holland Tunnel. By the looks of the interior shot on Urbandaddy, the owners have transformed Subas chic basement space into a rustic lair along the lines of La Esquinas downstairs. Theres also a private dining room behind a hidden door. Were already putting this on our list of places to never go to on a weekend but count us in for Monday-night mescal sipping.

Los Feliz, 109 Ludlow St, nr. Rivington St.