Vendy Dessert-Truck Nominees Revealed


If this summer was anything beyond the Summer of Death, it was the summer of trucks. Hardly a corner was left uninhabited. Last year, the Vendy Awards created a separate category for dessert trucks, and Kim Ima's Treats Truck won. This year, competition promises to be stiffer. (So does judging the panel includes Pichet Ong and Jacques Torres.)

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck - Doug Quint (with Bryan Petroff)
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Location: Varies, check their Twitter (@biggayicecream) and website (
Dougs soft serve is anything but vanilla. Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has a unique and always-changing menu of toppings like curried coconut, wasabi pea dust, trix, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. And really all I can say is Choinkwich: Yummy caramelized bacon, soft serve chocolate ice cream between two cartwheel cookies. Best ice cream sandwich ever.

Wafels & Dinges - Thomas DeGeest
Location: Varies, check their Twitter (@waffletruck) and website (
The waffles have an absolutely fantastic flavor, just like the ones in Belgium! Their add-ons - nutella and pulled pork! - are great, although I dont always get them because the waffles are delicious by themselves. Im nominating Wafels & Dinges for SO many reasons - but, mostly because theyre educating Americans one wafel at a time.

Cupcake Stop - Lev Ekster
Location: Varies, check their Twitter (@cupcakestop) and website (
As a Southerner I speak with authority when I say this Yankee vendor consistently produces top-notch Red Velvet. Its like finding creamy grits north of the Mason Dixon line!! The constant introduction and rotation of cupcake flavors creates not just a product to be sold but an experience - every morning I check to see what new surprises have been baked overnight. Thank you for making my work life bearable, and giving me a reason to sneak away from my desk for 20 minutes of sunlight and sugar.

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