The Photo of Guy Fieri You Will Never Be Able to Forget


The latest issue of Food Network Magazine is a chunky one (its growing, while Gourmet and Bon Apptit possibly shrink!), thanks in part to a four-page advertisement wherein Michael Chiarello busts out the pearly whites to hock Marie Callenders frozen pasta al dente. Interestingly, the magazine declares bone marrow to be trendy a respectable six months after we did the same. Theres also a showcase of chefs tattoos you see below (as if Bravos 57-slide rundown of Top Chef tats wasnt enough) and an editors note that reveals that Guy Fieri has eight cars, including a yellow Lamborghini (take that, Donatella Arpaia!). But the thing that really burned into our skull is this image of Fieri making chorizo. A free lobotomy to anyone who comes up with the best caption.