The Problem With Backyard Chickens; Soprano Stiffs Nice Matin


Daniel Boulud will open an outpost of DB Bistro Moderne in Singapore. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

Despite the current craze for raising backyard chickens, chicken-rearing is no cakewalk. [NYT]

Rumors are swirling of a triple stabbing at Greenhouse. [Guest of a Guest]

Argentine soprano Gabriela Pochinki was charged with theft after refusing to pay a $34 check at Nice Matin last weekend. [Page Six/NYP]

Wild game is big on London menus right now. [WSJ]

City enrollment in food stamps has surged to 1.6 million. [City Room/NYT]

An employee is suing a Staten Island butcher for sexual harassment, charging, among other things, that he displayed a sign in his office reading "Bone me, I'm the meat manager." [NYP]

The makers of Monster energy drink have dropped their lawsuit against a craft brewery that produces a beer called Vermonster. [NYP]
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Jamba Juice will plant 20,000 trees in New York. [PR Newswire]