Serious Trouble: The Doghouse Brings Beer Pong, Skee-Ball, and Free Hot Dogs to the LES

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Now that its closed, we can reveal that the Annex was the Lower East Side music venue that was up for sale back in May. So what has taken its spot? A little place known as the Doghouse. Hipsters and rock and rollers, if youre still clinging to the idea that the LES is the place for you, its time to splash that PBR on your face and take your first look at the neighborhoods latest addition, complete with photos of Yankee Stadium on the walls, four flat-screen TVs (with six more to come), skee-ball and pool upstairs, and beer pong yes, the Doghouse is planning to host beer pong no matter what the SLA says. Hot dogs are always free, margs are half-off during Monday Night Football, Tuesday is trivia and karaoke night, and Saturday theres a live eighties band and oversized Sex on the Beaches. That just about covers it oh, except theres a red-lit basement lounge, called Cloak, that will operate with a doorman and a list.

The Doghouse, 152 Orchard St., nr. Stanton St.