Jersey Mike: Dude, I’m Totally Not Sexist

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Earlier today, readers of the Washington Posts website lobbed some questions at their hometown boy Mike Isabella and not surprisingly, a few folks wanted to know what was up with that comment he made in the first episode, No offense, but a girl shouldnt be at the same level I am (apparently, thereve been calls to boycott his D.C. restaurant, Zaytinya). Heres what Mike had to say for himself.

That was a joke. I don't know why people take everything so seriously. I make a lot of jokes. I don't claim to be better than everybody else, but I try to win every day and be better every day myself. I was raised in a broken family by my mother and my sister so I have plenty of respect for women. It was sarcastic. I'm friends with Jen also.

Later, Mike says, Cocky? I can deal with that. Sexist? Not one bit. Not oooone bit. Okay, so if hes not a sexist woman-hater, then why does he keep hating on Robin (he says if he walked into a restaurant where Robin was chef, hed order nothing! Nothing!) and why does he say that if he had a choice, hed rather dine with Tom than Padma? Eh? Eh? Well, maybe this is why: The harshest judge there is Padma. Its her demeanor as a person. Its who she is! Its TV. Shes harsh and rude. Hmmm, something tells us Padma wont be ordering anything Mike cooks, either.

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