NYCWFF Leftovers Hit Menus at Lure and Salumeria Rosi

Lure's Burger Bash winner.

Inevitably, a couple of restaurants have added items from the New York City Wine & Food Festivals big tastings to their menus. First, for this week only, Salumeria Rosi will sell the duck meatballs that Cesare Casella entered into Meatball Madness. Theyre stuffed with Pecorino and stewed in San Marazano tomato sauce, fresh herbs, and Chambord. Twelve dollars gets you a plate of three of them atop mashed potatoes whipped with olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano broth. Second, Eater reveals that Lure is now selling its Burger Bashwinning six-ounce La Frieda premium-blend hamburger (which comes with caramelized onion, bacon jam, shaved pickles, and a secret sauce) at the price of $13. That, along with the forthcoming Bills burger that Josh Ozersky dubs the best hamburger in New York, should be welcome news to burger lovers.