Xie Xie Will Hire Fashionable, Stylish, Friendly Hot Counter Girls on the Spot

No, this is not a Xie Xie server. But close! Photo: Getty Images

StarChefs recently granted Angelo Sosa a Rising Star award for Best Restaurant Concept, citing Xie Xies wood floors, purple walls, and Jetsons-style furnishings, but somehow they neglected to mention its smokin counter girls! You know, the ones in the purple uniforms that look like something out of Ana Sharapovas wardrobe? While its true that Xie Xie didnt make this years Zagat list of hottest servers, its looking good for next year: A Craigslist ad is looking for fashionable (read: hot) counter girls, and invites stylish, intelligent girls with a welcoming personality (read: hot) to come in this week: Girls with the right combination of style, competence, and friendliness [read: hotness] will be hired on the spot. Now, how does this tie into the Hot Waitress Economic Index?