Joe Dobias and Ryan Skeen Bark Back at Bloggers

Photo: Courtesy of Allen and Delancey

Last week, Eater picked up our post about Ryan Skeens worrisome tweets ([G]et me the fuck out of NYC I cant [sic] do it anymore, the Allen & Delancey chef wrote) and commented, As far as Rye-Rye's reputation is concerned, this combined with his flightiness (this is his fourth gig in two years) isn't the best for resume building. Skeen now shoots back on Twitter: Thank you! Eater, I have found my way. I should cook for my resume!! Now it is all clear to me, I think I got my groove back. Thank [you] Amanda. And then: I love NYC and the food I should just shut up and cook, until I get fired at least, then its [sic] off to Journalism school. Touch!

Joe Dobias is also firing back at the blogosphere after we recapped the episode of Chopped in which he appeared: JoeDoe is on fucking fire! BooHoo Bloggers and Who gives a shit about fame when [you] make kickass food, serve it the way [you] want (and to who [you] want), and make a killing doing it! NYC Rocks! That said, Dobias isnt above making some bloggeresque observations himself: Ken [F]riedman is resto poisin [sic]! A forager for a bar that serves burgers? Gimme a break nym for proporting [sic] the lies!

Joe Dobias (ChefJoeDoe) [Twitter]
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