Mysterious Ghost Restaurant Produces ‘An Affront to the Hamburger’

Photo: A Hamburger Today

It was a little weird when Rhong-Tiam was doing delivery out of Kurves kitchen (Kurve was subsequently absorbed by Rhong Tiam), but another East Village restaurant seems to have trumped that. A few days ago, Nick Solares of A Hamburger Today was baffled by a mysterious restaurant on called Burger Exit. After a little sleuthing, he discovered that the entity was actually a delivery-only setup operating out of Caf Bramas kitchen, which also apparently hosts shadow restaurants specializing in Greek (Go Hellenic), Mexican (Tres Morenas), and Italian (Macaronada) cuisine. Kind of a genius way for an undertrafficked restaurant to boost sales, except that Solares has now tried Burger Exits burger and this is his verdict: This was the worst burger I can remember eating. It is an affront to the hamburger, an affront to cooking in general. But hows the dcor?

Burger Exit Should Exit the Burger Business [A Hamburger Today]