Sobering Battle for Brooklyn Steampunk Bar


While pseudo-Victorian steampunks can easily kit-out computers with brass and wood, build gas-belching metal tree houses, and even craft steam-powered vibrators, no manner of antediluvian tomfoolery can alter that thorn in New York bars side: nabbing a liquor license. According to the Brooklyn Paper, Prospect Heights Way Station a live-music venue and the self-anointed worlds first steampunk bar has been lodged in administrative limbo for more than six months. Its Kafka meets Catch 22, owner Andy Heidel told the Paper. Fortunately, I havent woken up as a giant cockroach yet. The full liquor license is not expected till March, and Heidels funds are running as dry as his venue. To keep the Way Station afloat, Heidel has procured temporary liquor licenses for boozy special events, such as a burlesque-themed Halloween bash and an upcoming New Years Eve bash. The throwback entertainment? Disco-flavored band Discovery.

Its Station to station at liquorless music hall [Brooklyn Paper]