Guy Who Was Rumored to Have Gotten Beatrice Closed Brings News About Its Reopening

Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Finally someone has gotten Paul Sevigny to go on the record about the next Beatrice Inn, and guess who it is Chris Wilson! If you know your Beatrice, youll recall hes the writer-editor who Steve Lewis once said mightve initiated the Inns shutdown by possibly getting into a fistfight that brought cops to the Bea. Now Wilson is getting quotes from both Lewis and Sevigny so if the bloody-nose rumor was ever true, there are clearly no hard feelings these days. Anyway, enough of the inside baseball what does Sevigny reveal about the new location? Well, nothing. But he does manage to get a knock in on the Boom Boom Room or whatever that place with the $25 drinks is being called these days.

I dont necessarily love hanging out in a hotel, says Sevigny. I feel like New Yorkers would rather go to a boutique than a department store. Its got a great view, but lets face it its corporate. Meanwhile, Sevignys partner in the Beatrice, Matt Abramcyk, has signed a lease for a cozy, below-street level lounge in the West Village. Shortly after opening it in May, Abramcyk had told us that Warren 77 would be his last bar maybe all this new Beatrice stuff got to him?

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