Health Department Cracks Down on Pegu Club’s Signature Cocktail

Saunders preparing the marTEAni in question.

Bret Thorn reports trouble at Pegu Club, via Audrey Saunderss Facebook page: Everything was fine, writes Saunders, until the inspector looked on our menu, saw the Earl Grey MarTEAni, and told us that ... even with the warning we have printed on our menu about raw eggs, using raw eggs is a violation ... and that we have to switch to pasteurized eggs in our cocktails. Were perfectly fine trusting alcohol to kill the bacteria that would cause salmonella, but apparently that doesnt fly with the Health Department the same entity that wants bartenders to wear gloves when squeezing lemons. Pegu Club is open tonight weve e-mailed Audrey Saunders to find out whether shes switching to pasteurized eggs or flipping out over the raw deal.

Bad Day for Flip Fans [Food Writers Diary]
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