Is L.A. the Country’s Best Food Scene, and Does Vancouver Have the World’s Best Chinese?

Photo: David Berkowitz via Flickr

Looking back on a year of eating across the country, the Posts travel writers have a spirited discussion about their favorite scenes and restaurants. Mentioned are Philadelphias Zahav, L.A.s Animal, the Kogi truck, XOCO in Chicago, and Xian Famous Foods in New York. So whats the best food scene going right now? Well, the Posties are pretty sold on L.A., where seeing locals who look like they came from the "90210" extras tent diving into molecular gastronomy is fun, theres good sushi, you can see celebs casually dining with their families, and the cheap eats are still strong. Were now in a three-way-tie between New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, says David Landsel, before going on to lament New Yorks lack of barbecue and Tex-Mex (Philly, however, has Percy Street Barbecue).

Meanwhile, in the February issue of Cond Nast Traveler, writer Mark Schatzker makes this bold declaration: I would say Ive eaten Chinese food all over North America and in China and the best Ive eaten in the world was in Vancouver. Hands down. In fact, the experience there left him trembling. Sorry, Xian Famous Foods.

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