Kraft Inks Deal for Cadbury; Starbucks Raises Prices


Kraft will buy Cadbury for $19 billion. [NYP]

Starbucks has raised prices on every drink except drip coffee. [NYP]

Gordon Ramsay will launch his Twitter feed on February 1. [Monsters and Critics]

Mariah Carey will soon launch her own brand of ros called Angel Champagne. [NYDN]

In an effort to combat alcoholism, British officials have banned drinking games in pubs and may institute mandatory minimum prices on alcohol. [WSJ]

Look for pine nuts on menus all over the city, from Locanda Verde's nut-studded pecan-pie crust to the pine-nut butter on A Voce's cheese plate. [Moment/NYT]

California's Huntington Meat Packing has recalled 864,000 pounds of ground beef owing to E. coli fears. [Reuters]