Spaniard’s ‘Sensory Space’ Is a No-Go

Photo: iStockPhoto

Remember Adam Melonas, the Ferran Adria acolyte who planned to open a sensory space and laboratory here? Sounds like its off, per his conversation with Feast:

I had an investor, then broke it off with the investor as they started to look like a bad fit with my project. I had a location, then I also decided not to use it as they tried to basically use our friendship to rob me ($1.2 million per year in rent + 50% of my business!). This has all unfolded in the last week.

So Melonas wont be unpacking his beakers anytime soon, and well just have to keep waiting for Jos Andrs to open a place up here.

El Bulli Chef Adam Melonas Not Coming to New York After All [Feast]