Todd English Will Blindfold You and Feed You Oysters

Photo: ABC News

When we asked chefs to name their closer dishes, we didnt see fit to query the notoriously beleaguered Todd English because, well, thatd be a little awkward, no? But the folks at Nightline went ahead and asked the runaway groom to be their Valentine. Heres some seductive spiel from his Platelist appearance tonight.

To serve when you want to seduce someone? There are certain things that always romanticize the night something bubbly certainly always works. So Champagne is always a good start. When Im cooking, Im thinking about the pheromones and what will give beauty to that sensuous moment. I believe in oysters, citruses, things that will spark a memory. Texture also plays a big part, as well. Ive done dinners where you blindfold the person so that all that is left is the sense of touch. Hot and cold are very important. When it hits your palate, it all has to come together. You need to think about music and candlelight and all the things that bring it all together. Hopefully you wont spend all night in the kitchen!