Foodies Storm the Armory for Village Voice Choice Eats

Photo: Daniel Maurer

This photo of Fort Defiances table at last nights Village Voice Choice Eats event (after it was cleared of 732 deviled eggs with pickled mustard seeds and smoked black peppers) is pretty indicative of how the ber tasting went down. Cheeky, Dirt Candy, Spot, and many others were cleaned out even earlier than that, and though Sara Jenkins of Porchetta may have fed 300 hungry marines, no way was she making it to 9 p.m. here.

This mustve rankled people who waited an hour in line, but the couple sucking face near Purple Yams sliders didnt seem to mind. After all, it was all for a good cause namely, feeding bloggers with content! Check out coverage below, starting with word from Eating in Translation that Caf Glechik will open a Sheepshead Bay location in two weeks, and An Choi will expand next door.

By the way, if youre still bummed about missing Porchetta, Motorino, Lukes Lobster, Max and the like, theyll all be back in action (along with many others) during the Food Bank for New York Citys Time Out for Hunger.

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