Freddy’s Continues Fighting for Right to Party As Judge Sentences It to Death


With Atlantic Yards set to break ground next week, libertarian sounding board visits Freddys Bar, the Best Bar Thats Not Long for This World per the 2004 Best of New York. Now the bar is really not long for this world a Brooklyn Supreme Court ruling earlier this week cleared the way for its eminent domain seizure.

A patron and member of the Fightin Freddys says, Whats going on here is wrong on top of wrong multiplied by extra wrong and were not afraid to break the law, while another says hes willing to go to jail and cuff himself to the bar when Freddys is evicted in the next few months (weve tried to make the cuffs long enough so that we can get to our beers). A modest proposal: Just incorporate Freddys into the new stadium or wouldnt Nets fans appreciate cheap beers for a change?

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