Mini-Mart Madness: Sunac Brings the ‘Fancy Food,’ 7-Eleven Brings the Junk Food

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Looks like the fate of 763 Sixth Avenue (at one point eyed to be a Chelsea location of Southern Hospitality) has been decided. Somewhere around a month ago, it opened as a location of fancy food mart Sunac, complete with coffee station, juice bar, sushi corner, hamburger zone, and the usual upscale deli food. If thats just a bit too crunchy for you, take heart: A few days ago, 7-Eleven brought X-Treme Gulps and burrito rollers to 535 Eighth Avenue near 37th Street and so, though the chain shows no sign of opening in Greenpoint as promised, it continues its inexorable advance across this great city.