Should There Be a Separation Between Church and State of Sobriety?

Photo: DNA Info

An infographic published on DNA Info today is every bit as eye-opening as that map of fast-food fiefdoms. It shows just how few liquor-licensed bars and restaurants there are in a certain part of Harlem as compared to the number of churches and schools and thats before bar owner turned nightlife nixer Daniel Squadrons attempt to revise the 200-foot law so that it prevents liquor licenses within 200 feet of a church or schools property line (the statute currently applies to the church or schools doorway). Of course, anyone who appreciates the scene in The Simpsons movie during which churchgoers and bargoers trade sides as the apocalypse arrives would be happy to see the law abolished altogether. Leave it to a Post commenter to come up with the most colorful commentary about this: Fine by me, just require churches to apply for liquor licenses. Then they'd have to pass out the wine 500 feet away ...

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