What to Eat at Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria

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This weeks magazine traces Keith McNallys illustrious career and takes you inside his latest creation, Pulinos Bar & Pizzeria, which weve just learned will be slightly delayed. To tide you over until breakfast and lunch roll out on March 15, here are some morsels recently gleaned from chef Nate Appleman. (Dinner, which he says will basically mirror lunch, will kick in soon after.)

Appleman says he has created completely new food for Pulinos, without resting on his A16 and SPQR laurels. That means, alas, therell be no Meatball Mondays here but there is a meatball pizza, justified by Applemans desire to utilize every bit of the sides of locally raised beef he plans to butcher in-house. Hell source them from Fleishers, and get his heritage Berkshire pork from Missouris Newman Farm, but his everyday steak, a New York strip for the common man, will come from Creekstone Farms via Pat LaFrieda.

And about those pizzas: Although Appleman was certified by the Neapolitan pizza police, and made his name with authentically blistered, puffy-rimmed pies at A16, Pulinos pizza program will be headed by two women Beth Ann Simpkins, who launched A16 in Tokyo, and Ruth Kaplan, former manager of Balthazar Bakery and a pizzaiola in her own right (at Prospect Heights Amorina). There will be breakfast pizza, tuna pizza, and even porchetta pizza. For a preview of what else will emerge from the wood-fired ovens (including grapefruit!), take a look at the menu.

Pulino Breakfast Menu [PDF]
Pulino Dinner Menu [PDF]
(Menu design by Stefani Cottrill dba Teacup Entity.)