Bartender Urges Drinkers to Mix and Shake at Home


Environmental lawyer Mayur Subbarao is a partner in Mayahuel and a bartender at Dram Bar, but he's encouraging cocktail enthusiasts to get out of the bar and go home. "Theres a pretty big conceptual gap between going and having a well-made cocktail in a well-curated setting and learning how to do it at home," he tells Grub Street. So Subarrao launched Evoe, a cocktail "society" aimed at teaching laymen about the cocktail's "history, philosophy, and technique" and how to stock a home bar. "People used to make cocktails at home regularly before Prohibition they can do it again," he says.

Look for Evoe ("the rallying cry of the Bacchanals" in ancient Rome) next on April 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. in a soon-to-open Nolita French restaurant. (When you reserve a seat for $30, you'll get the location of the event.) The theme is Parisian cocktails of the twenties things Hemingway and his Lost Generation cohorts might have tipped back. By focusing on liqueurs, cordials, syrups, and eaux-de-vie, Subbarao wants to show guests that "the key thing to making a wide range of cocktails is not having a wide range of spirits, its having a wide range of modifiers. If you have a bunch of stuff sitting around, its very simple to make a good cocktail. Its cheaper and less of a commitment than opening a bottle of wine. " E-mail Evoe to reserve a space.

Correction: An earlier version of this piece indicated that Mayur Subbarao was a partner in Painkiller. This is not the case.