Fatty ’Cue Unfurls Night-Owl Menu Tonight

Photo: Melissa Hom

Off-the-menu cocktails arent the only thing well be looking forward to next time we visit Fatty 'Cue its launching a late-night menu tonight, in effect from midnight to 2 a.m., Thursdays through Saturdays. Before you look at the specials below and accuse Zak Pelaccio of exploiting the bnh m trend, keep in mind the man had one on the menu at Chickenbone Caf back in the early naughts.

Food Specials
Smoked Pork Shoulder Banh Mi | pickled daikon & carrots, liver mouse, spicy aioli, cilantro, chilies | 9

Cue Grilled Cheese | pickled long red chili, house smoked gruyere and mozzarella, salad | 7

Smoked Brisket Sandwich |chili jam, aioli, pickled red onion, house smoked cabot cheddar cheese | 10

Blackboard Menu | see board for nightly specials

Drink Specials
Recession Special | PBR tall boy, shot of whiskey, shot of spicy pickle back | 6

Panchito Special | Tecate (with kalamansi and chili sugar salt), shot of tequila, shot of Malay sangrita | 5

Stimulus Package | 1L Asahi, two shots of whiskey | 12

Well Drinks | shot, mixer, neat, or rocks | 6

Nightly Shooters | Selection of rotating shots | 3/5

Bucket of Beers | 6 PBR tall boys for the price of 5 | 25