Lobster Tales: Luke’s Opens Uptown, ‘Pusher Man’ Hits Street Corners

Photo: Courtesy of Luke's

Remember the dude with the secret lobster lair? Well, his Greenpoint apartment got a visit from the Fire Department, just like we all knew it would, and now the so-called Lobster Pusher Man (at least, thats what Thrillist calls him) is going to ridiculous lengths to move his product. The latest/greatest innovation's having affiliates take over actual street corners, where theyll surreptitiously pass product only to those who are down; the other method, which now covers Manhattan, involves rolls whisked via Vespa to wherever you are. Thrillist has more on how to get in on the action (dont be surprised if youre told I dont know what youre talking about), but if Facebook shenanigans are too much to deal with, take heart: Diners Journal has news that legit lobster shack Lukes will open an uptown outpost at 242 East 81st Street by mid-May.

Lukes Lobster Spreads Uptown [Diners Journal/NYT]
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