Restaurants Glimpse Recovery; Herring in the Bronx River

Restaurants across the country are beginning to see signs of recovery. [NYT]

Alewife herring have been spotted in a once fetid Bronx river two years in a row now. [NYDN]

At forthcoming LES tiki bar Painkiller, all the drinks will be named after seventies street gangs. [Eater NY]

Former waitress (and Jeremy Piven ex) Ashley Chontos filed a sexual-harassment suit against her manager at Jour et Nuit. [NYP]

In Great Britain, whoopie pies are the new cupcakes. [Times UK]

Americans' interest in growing mushrooms at home is on the rise. [NYT]

A British Vitaminwater ad campaign that encourages healthy people to take sick days is attracting controversy. [AdAge]

The James Beard Foundation got its own category on Jeopardy earlier this month. [Eater National]