South Brooklyn Pizza Will Have Manhattan Special on Tap, 24/7!

Photo: Courtesy of Manhattan Special

South Brooklyn Pizza didnt open its Manhattan location this week as hoped for, but were assured it will begin takeout and delivery next Monday, from 11 a.m. till 5 a.m. Come mid-May, a 24-seat caf will be open around-the-clock, and a rear dining room will be added once the liquor license comes in there youll be able to order plate-sized pies ($12 to $18) such as a clam, a margherita, a verde, a vegetarian, a caprese, and a quattro formaggio. So, no liquor yet, but heres something to gush about: Similar to the select few establishments that keep Bosco on tap, the pizzeria will have another object of Grub Streets fascination, Manhattan Special, on draft. You can finally drink this liquid crack without having the bottle explode all over you. (Happens every time.) By the way, has anyone else noticed that Manhattan Special now sells decaffeinated NutraSweet espresso soda? Gah!

South Brooklyn Pizza, 122 First Ave., nr. E. 7th St.; 212-533-2809