Coffee Is Officially As Expensive As Wine Now


Forget so-called catshit coffee (the bean thats harvested from civet dung) Caf Grumpy is now charging $12 for a cup that doesnt come from poop. The new brew is made from Nekisse beans that are dried on a raised African drying bed (so they dont sit on the ground). Roasted on site, they yield flavors of apricot, pineapple, bergamot, kiwi and lime. The deeper tones are levels of chocolate, and the finish is super clean.

Though, according to the Post, certain Grumpy customers say they cant tell the difference. If $12 seems like too much to pay for something that isnt being handed to you by a dandy with suspenders and a handlebar mustache, note that a Baltimore coffee shop, Spiro, charges $13 for a cup of El Salvadorian Aida Grand Reserve.

$12 Cup Isnt Your Average Joe [NYP]