Gulf Spill Affects Seafood Prices; Bohemian Hall Turns 100

The Gulf oil spill is raising seafood prices in New York: Blue Ribbon is paying more per oyster and they don't even buy from the Gulf. [Crain's]

Some Gulf shrimpers are still fishing in waters that have been closed by the state. [WSJ]

Soda-makers are stepping up their efforts to fight sugar taxes. [WSJ]

Astoria's Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden turns 100 this year. [NYDN]

Con-Agra is attempting to reengineer the sweet potato, even changing its shape, in an effort to make the spud more popular. [NYDN]

A Miami judge ruled last week that Burger King has the right to set prices at its franchise-owned stores. [Reuters]

Dan Aykroyd's wine company donated hundreds of bottles to Canadian troops in Afghanistan. [CTV]

Illegal fishing is depleting the ocean's resources. [Time]

The launch of several new premium vodkas raises the possibility that an artisanal vodka trend is afoot. [T Magazine]