Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee Lands at Dulles International, Preaching the Fair-Trade, Shade-grown Gospel to Bleary-eyed Commuters

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Jack Mazzola himself with the Dulles machines. Photo: courtesy Jack's Stir Brew

Jack Mazzola has gradually grown his stir-brewedcoffee concern from its rustic Greenwich Village home base to a cafe at the Seaport, plus a few interborough partnerships with Rice restaurant, and a forthcoming truck, soon to roam the Rockaways. But his first expansion beyond city limits came via an unexpected fast-food overture: Chipotle founder Steve Ells, a Jacks regular, approached Mazzola about setting up shop in the burrito outpost at Virginias Dulles International Airport in Terminal B.

After much shuffling of corporate paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo, Mazzola hopped a shuttle last month to oversee installation of his patented stir-brew technology. If all goes well, this might be the beginning of a larger co-branding experiment (after all, there are currently nearly a thousand Jack-less Chipotles). At the very least, New Yorkers traveling to and from D.C. can be guaranteed a taste of home and a very alert flight.