Kenmare Can Go Till 4 A.M.

Photo: Daniel Maurer

With La Esquina and Caf Select fighting the Man, heres some good news coming out of Nolitas Petrosino Square: Kenmares downstairs lounge, which the SLA had been paying close attention to, recently secured its 4 a.m. license, according to a line buried in Time Outs three-star review of the upstairs restaurant.

Per Jay Cheshes: Sevigny has been insisting all along that the subterranean lounge is not, in fact, the second coming of his Beatrice Inn, but all indications say otherwise. Its still early, but were not going to disagree last week, at a party for S Magazine, we spotted former Page Sixer Chris Wilson buddying up to the guy who famously clocked him shortly before the Beatrice was closed. Everything old is new again!

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