Anna Wintour Takes a Front-Row Seat at the Miss Lily’s Show

Photo: Getty Images

Last nights community-board meeting about the controversial Central Park West Café didnt turn up any neighborhood celebs (according to WCBS 2, the wine bar got the green light despite one residents concern it would lead to drug deals), but downtown, none other than Anna Wintour spoke against Serge Beckers proposed Jamaican restaurant Miss Lilys on Houston Street. Whats next, Chlo Sevigny joining a community board?

Wintour wore a black-and-white dress and sat in the front row (of course) with a five-person entourage. About 40 other locals joined the Vogue editor in opposition. Only three were pro-Serge. Miss Lilys, represented by an attorney, chef, and two partners that were not Becker were asking for a 4 a.m. liquor license (reported applicants Genc Jakupi and Shkumbin "Binn" Jakupi, doormen at the Box and 1 Oak respectively, were also no-shows).

The brouhaha lasted 90 minutes.

Is Serge Becker involved? a CB2 member asked

The lawyer fumbled, Um, hes a designer.

The board pushed back and was told, Hes not a partner.

The use of a backyard garden seems to be the major point of contention.

Wintour brought color photos of the block-long garden to pass around, including one of a child holding a shovel next to a sandbox (very Vogue Bambini). She said that if Becker is part of the project, there will be a nightclub element: I know the kind of places hes involved in and the kind of people that he brings. Wintour briefly exchanged words with Miss Lilys attorney, but was asked to address the board, not the attorney.

By the end of the debate, Miss Lilys was asking to be licensed until midnight from Sunday through Wednesday and till 2 a.m. from Thursday through Saturday, with the garden space to be brought before the board again in six months.

In less chic news, the Smile had Eric Goode (of hotels Bowery, Maritime, Jane) place a call on their behalf to Noho community leader Zella Jones about getting a full liquor license. Absolutely not, she said. Not surprising given her previous opposition, but she did offer to help look for another spot.