BKLYN Yard Invites More Food Vendors to Its Outdoor Parties

Photo: Courtesy of BKLYN Yard

The BKLYN Yards Parked! event got some nice blog play. The City Sweet Tooth sampled the Chicken n Waffles cupcake from Robicellis. If you missed it, dont worry were told that food vendors will have a stronger presence this year, at least on Saturdays when organizer Jenny Gottstein tells us theyre making more of an effort to pair vendors like Hallo Berlin, Pizzamoto, Van Leeuwen, and the Dessert Truck with D.J.'s on a quasi in-house basis.

In addition to Margarita Hernandezs huaraches at the 6 p.m. till 2 a.m. Friday night beer garden and the Sunday Best parties, Saturdays will bring guest food purveyors such as Northern Spy Co. (June 12), Dantes Fried Chicken (June 26), Sam Mason (July 10), and Red Hook Lobster Pound (June 19 and July 17). Stay posted at BKLYN Yard.