Flavored Hummus Gains Fans; Reconsidering Federal Dietary Guidelines

Americans are eating more hummus than ever before, but prefer the flavored varieties. [NYT]

A federal panel appointed to help set the nation's dietary guidelines recommends less salt and saturated fat, and more vegetables and home cooking. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

The Landmarks Preservation Committee is not impressed with the Lion's fake ivy, calling it "inappropriate" for the historic building. [Eater NY]

Many of the city's deepest-pocketed wine enthusiasts buy their vino from East 33rd Street's Quality House Wines. [NYP]

Flavored shaved ice is the dessert du jour at restaurants and shops across the country. [NYT]

Lisa "Hungry Girl" Lillien announced her own show on the Cooking Channel. [Hungry Girl via Eater National]

Wild fruit, like blackberries and peaches, grows throughout Manhattan. [NYC the Blog]

Eighty-five percent of children's drinks contain so much lead that they may exceed federal limits, finds a new study. [NYDN]