Fact-checking the Ice-Cream Truck


CNN went behind the scenes with Mister Softee yesterday, but today Midtown Luncher Miss Softee does a little fact-checking: "The TRUCK may pull in $900 on a really GOOD DAY. But, out of that sum, in addition to the truck startup fees (90K) theres the ongoing costs: the products, the commissary/depot fee, the franchise fee, gas, incurred tickets, as well as any repairs of the truck, so, while $900/day in your pocket sounds great, thats NOT what is actually going in!!" But don't let the truth detract from Nike Olasokan's success, Miss Softee adds: "She is clearly one of us drivers who does the job because she loves it and shes proud of the service that she provides." Both drivers, however, say that no one buys ice cream if it's too hot. Really? No one else chases Mister Softee on 95-degree days?

Miss Softee: We Do Not Make $900 a Day! [Midtown Lunch]