High-Schoolers Farming Oysters; Starbucks Sells Instant Iced Coffee

High-school students at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School on Governors Island are growing oysters and raising tilapia. [NYT]

Monkey Bar and Le Caprice aren't filling their seats the way they used to. [NYP]

The Taco Bell breakfast menu including a "potato and cheese roll-up" for 79 cents will launch soon. [NRN]

Starbucks is adding packets of instant iced coffee to the Via product line it launched last fall. [AP]

Summer is the perfect time to start gardening, but first you'll need to turn your kitchen scraps into compost. [Serious Eats]

Coca-Cola's World Cup marketing campaign penetrates 160 countries for $600 million. [WSJ]

A look at some of the country's most fattening dishes turned up a seven-pound breakfast burrito and a hot-beef sundae. [USAT]