Ivygate: The Lion Gets Tangled Up in Fake-Ivy Fiasco

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Look, fake plants are okay for a bowling-alley lounge in Ozone Park, but they are not okay for a super-exclusive celebrity hangout, mmmkay? Unfortunately, no one sent that memo to the owners of the Lion when they installed fake ivy (made of silk) on the buildings façade. According to The Wall Street Journal, doing that without a permit (even if youre just waiting for the real ivy to grow, as the Lion says its doing) is a big no-no, and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation denied the Lions request to legalize the fake ivy on the basis that it was entirely inappropriate. Luckily for the Lion, theres no law against fake lab stools, too.

Fake Ivy Ruffles Village Feathers [WSJ]