Fatal Shooting Outside Greenhouse; Olive-Oil Prices Rise

Jason Green, one of the EMTs accused of letting a woman die while on his coffee break at a Brooklyn Au Bon Pain this year, was fatally shot last night in front of Greenhouse. [NYP]

Olive-oil prices are up 20 percent from last year, thanks in part to the Greek debt crisis. [Independent UK]

The Gulf oil spill could benefit the Long Island Sound's oyster industry. [Boston Globe]

Though legislators in twenty cities and states have proposed soda taxes, none have enacted them. [Time]

Swiss distillers have called for a Protected Geographic Name for absinthe, which would prevent liquor produced anywhere else from calling itself the same thing. [NYP]

Moonshine is back on the rise and is getting popular enough that a major maker of copper stills says he can't keep up with demand. [BBC]

Baltic sea divers recently uncovered what is thought to be the world's oldest drinkable Champagne, dating back to the 1780s. [NYP]

Though the economy seems to be improving, Americans are still cautious about spending money dining out. [WSJ]

Rachael Ray and her husband are suing the inspectors of their Southampton home, charging that they failed to notice a major mold problem. [NYP]

Schmaltz Brewing Co, the makers of He'brew, have a new line of beers inspired by Coney Island. [NYDN]

Thousands of wasps were recently dispatched to fight a plague of mealworms that threatens to destroy Thailand's cassava crop. [NYT]