Bouley Offers a Glimpse of Long-Awaited Kaiseki Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

If after the closings of Bouley Market, Bouley Bakery, and Upstairs, youve been scratching your head trying to figure out which of David Bouleys restaurants are open, have closed, or have moved, and none of your questions were answered by the Tribeca Citizens attempt to make sense of it all, Steve Cuozzo has an update today. It seems BrushStroke, the restaurant hes been planning to open with Yoski Tsuji for three years, is now due to open early next year. Dont hold your breath, though the last rumor had it in early July. In the meantime, chef Isao Yamada is practicing kaiseki-style cooking at Studio, the new incarnation of Upstairs at 130 West Broadway: Next month, Bouley says, Studio will also host pizza nights and a New England fish night. The ground floor that previously was Bouley Bakery now sells burgers, sandwiches and baked goods from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Bouley mystery is finally solved! [NYP]