Andrew Zimmern Gets a Board Game; Milk Recalled

There is now a board game based on Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern. [Eater National]

Milk sold in New York under the names Midland Farms, Corrado's Market, Jersey Dairy Farms, and Trade Fair Premium was recalled yesterday. [Crain's]

A neo-bistro movement of cheaper, more innovative restaurants is emerging in France. [WSJ]

Olympic swimming gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale recently staged at France's venerable La Maison Troisgros. [HuffPo]

Most Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. [NYP]

Craft beers are on the rise in historically wine-focused Italy. [In Transit/NYT]

The offices of Food Network magazine are rumored to have bedbugs. [NYP]

German officials have created a giant maze to teach consumers about the dangers of eating too much currywurst. [Reuters]

Workers from Stella D'Oro who lost their jobs when the plant closed last year are eligible for back pay and benefits. [Crain's]

Vermont officials accuse Log Cabin All Natural Syrup of violating federal labeling laws, charging that it contains only 4 percent maple. [NYP]