Patterson: Comfort Food, Bacon, and Tuna Tartare Are New York’s Figs on a Plate


Like other San Francisco chefs, Daniel Patterson of Coi got a chance to spew about the New York City scene back when this weekends Le Fooding face-off was announced (David who? is what he said, referring to Changs infamous figs on a plate comment). Today T magazines Moment blog gives him another sounding board. He says he partly agrees with the figs on the plate thing (We all love Chez Panisse, he once wrote in the Times Magazine, maybe too much), but San Francisco isnt the only city guilty of clichs.

About this whole fig business: I agree with David Chang, at least in part. I said as much in a New York Times Magazine story five years ago. But New York suffers from the same monotony, albeit in different ways. New Yorkers love affair with tuna tartare has inexplicably entered its third decade. Every dish seems to have bacon in it. Comfort foods (hellooo, pizza!) continue their inexorable march through the Manhattan dining scene. And whats with the all the gourmet fried chicken? New York chefs may make fun of Californians, but theyre using all of our produce (several days later), and the latest trend seems to be farm to table restaurants. I feel like Ive seen that before. Somewhere.

And speaking of clichs, I couldnt help but notice that Dan Barber (didnt he once work at Chez Panisse?) will be cooking grilled vegetables this weekend, and Mr. Chang himself is offering a dish of beets and goat cheese.
At least they have a sense of humor.

Changs comeback tomorrow.

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