Char No. 4 Declares ‘Chili Season’


If you didnt get a chance to sample Char No. 4s smoked-short-rib-and pork-shoulder chili at the Grub Street Food Festival (yes, yes we know it sold out at 1 p.m. we didnt get to taste it, either!), heres your next opportunity. Every Tuesday for four months, starting November 2, you can order the Texas-style chili along with some bacon-jalapeo corn bread and honey butter, a bottled craft beer (the first is Lake Placid Ubu Ale), and a taste of bourbon (the first is Blantons) for $22. The chili, which of course won the Brooklyn Texas Chili Battle last year but doesnt make it onto the menu that often, will also be available for takeout, at $20 for a quart.