Michael Jordan’s the Steakhouse Owners File for Bankruptcy; Mike Tyson Ponders Restaurant

The Strip House. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

According to Crain's, the Glazier Group, which owns Michael Jordans the Steakhouse as well as the Strip House, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Peter Glazier, owner of the group with his wife, Peggy, says theyre restructuring corporate debt, including $5.8 million owed as the result of a loan to General Electric, and money owed to half a dozen creditors whove filed lawsuits. Crain's reports that the estimated number of creditors, according to the filing, is 50 to 99, while the consolidated assets are listed as $15.2 million and liabilities are $26.8 million. Mike Tyson may want to consider the case of Michael Jordans the Steakhouse according to a Post source, hes toying with the idea of opening a kosher restaurant.

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