No Brooklyn Brewery Beer Hall for Phony Island, After All


Yesterday the Times' City Room blog reported that Brooklyn Brewery was rumored to be negotiating to open a beer hall in Phony Island which is what were calling it from now on, thank you very much. The Post also wrote today that sources said Brooklyn Brewery was the favorite to operate a beer garden. But dont boycott the brewery just yet: An operations employee there, Brian Dochney, tells us (and we believe him) that its absolutely not true, and indeed all mention of Brooklyn Brewery has mysteriously disappeared (without a correction) from the City Room post. The article was supposed to read a Brooklyn brewery, not the Brooklyn Brewery, he says.

We have no involvement in that, and no plans for a Coney brewery. It was literally a typo that makes us look like the big bad wolf. Its misinformation, and weve been chasing our tail around the Internet trying to put out fires. Dochney adds, We want our reputation to be for supporting the classic Brooklyn things its funny itd be us they mention. Actually, a Brooklyn Brewery beer hall mightve been the best of all evils. Weve said it before: If a Dunkin Donuts on the boardwalk can happen in Seaside Heights, it can happen here.

By the way, the brewery certainly has its hands full today: Dochney says the giant tanks it ordered from Germany for its new brewhouse (opening at the end of the year) couldnt be loaded off of the dock because of Election Day today, so the delivery (a month in the making) will have to wait for tomorrow.